About Don Schellenberg

You might be thinking, ‘who am I that you should listen to me’?

My name is Don Schellenberg and I’m the founder of Smart Money Traders. My early experience with trading goes back to around 1982. When I dabbled in the stock market I was relying mostly on luck. I learned the hard way that relying on tips from friends and help from Lady Luck, is not a great trading strategy. All in all I came out about even, but realized that without solid training and a good coach, I wouldn’t have much of a future in the world of trading and investing.

About 11 years ago I discovered the Forex market. It had only recently opened up to retail traders like myself. I took my first formal training and paid too much for what I got ( US$3000). There were a lot of pages in the course but not enough content, and the ‘coach’ almost never answered my calls or emails. But I’m thankful for the experience since it launched me on an intensive multi-year search to find the methods, strategies and techniques that really work in trading.

In 2005 I was invited to be the Senior Market Strategist in the Investor Education division, for NextView Pte, based in Singapore. NextView is a software company that serves the financial markets and was well known for providing quality training for traders and investors throughout Asia. I was recommended to NextView by Joe DiNapoli, an internationally famous trader and educator who is also one of my trading mentors, and a good friend.

For the past six years I’ve had the privilege of teaching thousands of traders and investors in a dozen countries, all the way from China to India. I’ve taught at major financial conferences in Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries, sharing the same platform with trading greats such as John Bollinger, creator of Bollinger Bands, Joe DiNapoli, the Fibonacci master, Daryl Guppy (noted for his multiple moving averages indicator), Colin Lee, famous for forecasting prices in the stock market, and many others.

I’ve personally taught and coached hundreds of traders. Some were newbies, just beginning to trade. Others were professional traders who wanted to refine their expertise by learning new techniques and strategies. Some of my clients have been banks, hedge fund managers, financial brokerage firms, commodity companies, and wealthy investors.

I’m not trying to show off by telling you this. I just want you to know I’m not some fly-by-night marketer without credentials or experience.

I have a passion to teach new traders and those who aren’t exactly new, but aren’t as profitable as they could be. It’s my mission to provide quality training in the profitable techniques and trading strategies I’ve proven really work in the financial markets - and to do it without charging outrageous fees.