“MaxCash” is leading edge, advanced automated trading software.  It is designed to trade the financial markets such as international currencies, stocks, indices, precious metals, crypto currencies, and so on.

It currently trades financial instruments that are found on MT4 trading platforms, so the main emphasis is on currencies and precious metals.

Major banks and hedge funds might have similar trading software, but as far as we know “MaxCash” is the most advanced and profitable automated trading system available to the general public.

What does “MaxCash” do?

“MaxCash” automatically trades the Foreign Exchange market (Forex) including precious metals, 24 hours a day, five days a week.  Uniquely it trades up to 30 plus currency pairs simultaneously, regardless of whether individual currency pairs are moving up or down.

It is designed to generate profits of approximately 3% per day (based on the total amount of equity in the users’ trading account).  At that rate “MaxCash” can double the money in an account in a single month.  Amazing?  In fact it has been known to double accounts in as little as one week!!  (compare that with current bank interest rates that might double depositor’s accounts in about 30 years).


Who owns “MaxCash”?

The owner is Art E., a master trader and software developer in Texas, U.S.A.   Art and his team of software experts have developed this complex algorithmic software over a period of 10 years.  It has been tested, tried and fine-tuned to meet the challenges of trading the Foreign Exchange market, the world’s largest financial market.

Art is preparing to release this incomparable trading machine to the public for the first time ever.  (He prefers to remain anonymous for the time being to avoid the hassle of responding to thousands of phone calls and emails.)


How can I sign up to become a member of the “MaxCash” wealth-generating opportunity?  For more information click here. (goes to a new page)


There is no sign-up fee.  “MaxCash” members and the “MaxCash” developer are paid through a profit-sharing arrangement.

Here is the process:

1)     Apply for “MaxCash” membership exclusively on this site.

2)     Open and fund a “live” trading account with one of our approved brokerage firms.


Your live trading account remains yours at all times.  You may increase funding, withdraw funds, or even close the account if you so choose.  Only you will not personally trade the account since you will have given authorization for “MaxCash”  to automatically trade on your behalf.


This is stress-free, zero-emotion trading/investing, at its’ best.  Acquiring potentially enormous, effortless passive-income is everyone’s grandest financial dream.  Unfortunately we cannot accept all applicants.  Memberships are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.